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Interestingly enough, I’ve now always wanted to write, but maybe I just didn’t think it was “reasonable” myself, or perhaps the idea of doing it professionally never came to me. I fell into it by accident, by starting my blog at . That’s where I realized how much I loved to write. I then started freelancing for and a friend of mine (Nutty from Nutty Bites ) told me about NaNoWriMo . I had already been toying around with an idea for a novel and had written bits of it down, but that little nudge, along with one tweet from James Moran (“If you write, you’re a writer”) gave me the impetus to write Zeus, Inc. during the 2011 NaNoWriMo.

The best autobiographies ever written include memoirs by famous historical figures, authors, politicians, celebrities, and more. This list includes a wide variety of books that are considered autobiographical. Which one is the best? That's for you to decide, with votes of course. Some of the books listed here have proven to be life-changing reads . If you are an avid reader of autobiographies, you'll likely recognize a vast majority of the books listed here. If one of your favorites is missing, by all means, please do add it to the list. Those of us who love reading a beautifully written autobiography will be grateful!

Autobiography writer

autobiography writer


autobiography writerautobiography writerautobiography writerautobiography writer