Dissertation prize economics

The Shapiro Award Committee will consider books in either English or Hebrew, in the social sciences, law, and the humanities, published in 2017 and only those published by AIS members (newly registered or renewed membership for 2018). Research monographs (but not a collection of articles), are eligible for the prize. Books translated from Hebrew into English and vice versa--if the original book was published prior to 2017--are not eligible, but those books first printed in other languages and then made available in 2017 in English or Hebrew can be submitted. Those wishing to submit books translated from other languages should consult committee chair to determine eligibility. Nominations can be made by individual scholars or by publishers. Those submitting books for consideration should send a copy to each of the five members of the committee.  Inquiries about eligibility may be addressed to the Prof. Raphael Cohen-Almagor, Chair of the 2018 Shapiro Award Committee. [names and addresses are listed below]

During presentations, Vanier sometimes includes the Liturgy of the Washing of the Feet , wherein people wash each other’s feet as Jesus washed the feet of his disciples at the Last Supper, as a powerful tool for interdenominational communion. He has done this at, among other places, the ecumenical “Festival for Peace” in Northern Ireland in 1995, at the invitation of the Archbishop of Canterbury during a retreat at the Lambeth Conference for 800 bishops of the Anglican Communion in 1998, and when he addressed the General Assembly of the World Council of Churches, where some 230 different churches were represented.

Dissertation prize economics

dissertation prize economics


dissertation prize economicsdissertation prize economicsdissertation prize economicsdissertation prize economics