Midsummers night dream essay

In France, the Fête de Saint-Jean (feast of St John), traditionally celebrated with bonfires ( le feu de Saint-Jean ) that are reminiscent of Midsummer's pagan rituals, is a Catholic festivity in celebration of Saint John the Baptist . It takes place on June 24, on Midsummer day (St John's day). In certain French towns, a tall bonfire is built by the inhabitants in order to be lit on St John's Day. In the Vosges region and in the Southern part of Meurthe-et-Moselle , this huge bonfire is named chavande .

In Variety , Emanuel Levy described the film as a "whimsical, intermittently enjoyable but decidedly unmagical version of the playwright's wild romantic comedy ... There is not much chemistry between Pfeiffer and Everett, nor between Pfeiffer and Kline, particularly in their big love scene. Kline overacts physically and emotionally, Flockhart is entertaining in a broad manner, and Pfeiffer renders a strenuously theatrical performance. Overall, the Brits give more coherent and resonant performances, especially Friel and West as the romantic couple, a restrained Everett as Oberon, and Rees as the theatrical manager." [12]

Midsummers night dream essay

midsummers night dream essay


midsummers night dream essaymidsummers night dream essaymidsummers night dream essaymidsummers night dream essay