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Hi, Konrad! I was just reading your post, and was wondering if you’ve ever heard of a
copywriting school called American Writers & Artists, Inc. (AWAI). Currently, I’m a
truck driver since 2003 – 12 Years! And I thought I’d only be doing it for three – and I
am in much need of a change in occupation. I need a career that I can sink my teeth
and creativity into, not just another job, and one that pays much better than what I
currently have. Anyway, I was curious about what you knew about AWAI and, in your
opinion, if they are a good and reputable school. Are they as good as the Blackford
Center, or should I look elsewhere for my training? Thank you for your time and

Also, there is a thread of accusations that violators think they should only have to pay the original fee if they get caught. This is a straw man. I doubt anyone disputes that the consequences of getting caught for even inadvertent misuse should be significantly greater than the cost of initial compliance; the question is whether it should be “significant” or “astronomical”. A $400 penalty for a $10 photo would have warned and deterred any reasonable firm just as much as a $4000 penalty, though they probably wouldn’t have felt the need to write about it. One person takes a huge hit so others don’t do the same thing.

Online copywriter

online copywriter


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